Entry Procedures


Visa Requirements: Most cruisers will be able to enter Ecuador without obtaining a visa ahead of time. Check out this link from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see the requirements for you.

Please note that the harbor entrance is not buoyed at this time, and coupled with the currents that come with the area’s 8-10 foot tidal range, it can be tricky. For that reason, it is REQUIRED by the Port Captain of Bahía that all incoming yachts enter with the Capitania’s permission and with a qualified pilot aboard. But, not to worry, just approach to the waypoints given below, and call on VHF 69 for Puerto Amistad and we’ll arrange for a pilot to come get you. Please note that the river shoals have changed since the DMA charts (below) were published, so approach from the West in order to avoid them. Please also be on the lookout for fishermen that work in the bay.

Before ariving contact a naval aency to arrange the entry permissions. This is called an Autografo. Once you receive the Autografo you are cleared to com into Ecuadorian ports. Three Days prior to arriving send the notification to the Navy of your pening arrival. guayaqui_radio@armada.mil.ec If at all possible, contact us by e-mail prior to your arrival so that we will be expecting you and you won’t experience any avoidable delays. Please note that there is approximately 1/2 meter more water than indicated on the tide tables, so check your arrival date with the tide tables if you have a deeper draft boat.



WP0 00º 35.780S 080º28.300W Virtual Sea Buoy
WP1 00º 35.805S 080º26.832W “Waiting Room” Anchorage

Upon Arrival

When the pilot guides you in, you’ll have the option to take a mooring or drop your own hook. A representative from the navy and health department may visit you on the boat for a cursory inspection, and then you’ll be free to come ashore. Come to our office and we’ll give you the “lay of the land.”

Check-In Procedure

The Ecuadorian Navy requires that all foreign flagged vessels be represented by an agency. In your case Puerto Amistad Yacht Club will aid you in that function. When you arrive, please make available to us originals of your ship’s papers, passports, vaccination records, and zarpe from your previous port. We will scan them and return the originals quickly. We will coordinate your arrival with all appropriate authorities (Health ministry, Navy, Customs, and Immigration). We will make the process super-easy. You’ll never have to leave the bar!


You’ll be given a 90 day multiple-entry visa upon arrival. The clock stops while outside the country. If you need additional time in Ecuador, we can help get a new visa.


Your boat will initially be allowed ninety days. Extensions are available for up to  a year at additional cost.  We will help you with the approvals of the extensions as needed.

Puerto Amistad Agency Checkin/Checkout

Let us do the work for you. Upon arrival an agency representative will greet you at your vessel. We will need your passports, Matricula (Vessel Title), Autografo authorization, and Zarpe.

The appropriate authorities will be contacted and inspections and boardings will be arranged. Normally the authorities will come the day following  your arrival during the week, or if arrival on weekends or holidays the inspections will take place one working day after the holiday or weekend.

You will not need to make deposits for the various agencies nor travel to Manta. Just come in and relax and allow us to handle your Entrance Paperwork



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Entry Procedures

  Visa Requirements: Most cruisers will be able to enter Ecuador without obtaining a visa...

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