Marina Rates


Reserve your berth today. Reservations require one month payment in advance for either your anchorage or your buoy. We have limited space so insure your mooring by reserving today. We operate on first come basis.


No Paypal? No problem, email us and we will send payment information


No Paypal? Email us and we will send payment information


Current Fuel Prices

  • Diesel $1.14/Gallon
  • Gasoline $1.78/Gallon
  • MOORING: (Front and Aft Buoy)$250.00 $75.00 (weekly)$ 15.00 (per day*)
  • SPIN MOORING: (Single Buoy)$300.00$ 12.00 (per day*)
  • Anchor $7.00 (per day*)
  • Purified water: $2.00/5 gal. Bottle
  • Non-Potable but filtered water available at Dingy Dock Free
  • Laundry: $0.60 (per pound)
  • Cleaning of exterior sailboat: Quotation
  • $1.25 (per foot of monohull)
  • $1.50 (per foot  catamaran)
  • $1.75 (per foor Tri hull)
  • Vessel more than 3 months without cleaning add $0.25 per foot.
  • Diesel, Propane and Gasoline available at the maintenance dock or delivered to your vessel
  • Engine Maintenance $25/hr
  • Electrical $25/hr
  • Woodworkers and other trades as quoted
  • Agency International Check In / Check Out 
  • $360.00 In-Out International
  • $240.00 In/Out National
  • Round Robin $120 (Trip Off Anchorage outside the Bahia and return to anchorage)
  • 300.00 In International/Out National
  •  (it includes port captain, migration, customs, agency)
  • Pilot for entry $35.00

    (Prices includes all taxes)

Additional services include Woodwork, Electrical Work, Sail Repair, and Refrigeration

*All prices subject to $1.67 per day with post pay option. Must be paid before next month invoice. Late fee $50

Self Check-in Procedures and costs


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