The Restaurant

Puerto Amistad’s Restaurant has the finest atmosphere in the entire Bahia area.
The restaurant is situated on the dock with a full bar.
We also have large flat screen TVs and Wi-Fi you can relax and enjoy all of you meals.
It is hard to find a colder beer, fresher juice or a better food anywhere else in town.
One of our clients says that we have the best French fries in South America.
We are open from XX:00 AM until the last customer leaves.




Great food

Great food Details
Grilling food

Grilling food Details
Fresh Shrimp Salad

Fresh Shrimp Salad Details
Tasty Camarones

Tasty Camarones Details
Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Details
Barbecue with fries

Barbecue with fries Details
Best Cheese Burger in Ecuador

Best Cheese Burger in Ecuador Details

Salad Details

Restaurant Details
Yummy Drinks

Yummy Drinks Details
Serving is a pleasure

Serving is a pleasure Details
Take our order please

Take our order please Details



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