CoVid-19 News for Puerto Amistad

The Covid Pandemic has prompted the Ecuadorian Government to set up restrictions and protocols in order to help prevent the spread. The Maritime Frontier remains closed to all traffic that does not have permission to enter. This permission has a cost of $100 per vessel. It takes 2 days to process.This special permission is in addition to the $180 Checkin.

  1. All Ports in Ecuador require special permission to enter. Contact with port authorities prior to entry is mandated. Be prepared to send the vessel Matricula (Title) and Passports of all crew. Also a copy of your Zarpe.
  2. A Documented negative PCR test should be provided no more than 10 days rior to arrival. Many Vessels are more than 10 days at ses. If no test is in hand a health check will be administered upn arrival.
  3. When arriving enter the anchorage area. You must remain onbaord in Self Quarantine untel the Health Department clears you.

We currently have 20 Buoys available and appx 30 Anchorages in the WiFi zone.

The entry can accept a vessel with drafts of 2 to 2.5 meters.

Reservations can be made online at

Any further questions may be directed to me personally at our email

Our Whatsapp is +593-99-348-8518


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Puerto Amistad Yacht Club

Gene Tatum


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